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We know the feeling of being ripped off by a person or company which we believed was going to solve all our financial problems. Unfortunately, not everybody in the world is honest and transparent and while we know we can’t possibly stop scams altogether, we intend to do our best to advise you on how to avoid them.

Here on Scam Vault, we try to expose as many scams as we possibly can. This isn’t limited to online scams either; if we think that there is anything untrustworthy that you should know about, we want to include it on this site. Of course, given the nature of what we do, we hear a lot of horror stories about people having fallen for these scams before we have had the chance to get to them.

If you have fallen victim to a dodgy deal or an empty promise from a seemingly trustworthy source and would like to have the fake product of service featured on, please tell us all about it using the contact form below.

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