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Tony Robbins Scam

Is Tony Robbins a Scam

September 27, 2016
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Having searched for the path to wealth beyond my wildest dreams, I have often wondered whether a self-help author such as Tony Robbins is a scammer. On paper, Tony is a man whose advice should be treated as gospel. His works as an author can be found in schools and prisons, amongst other government controlled locations and his success is well documented. If you have ever tried to figure out how the guys on Forbes’ rich list earn those crazy sums year after year, given the chance, you would probably listen to everything the man in question has to say on the matter. Here’s the thing though, Tony Robbins knows this and he’s way ahead of you.

How did Tony Robbins become rich?

Tony Robbins Seminar

Tony Robbins began his career as a self-help coach without any qualifications to actually do so. He used people’s fears as a way to help participants of his seminars to push through and challenge themselves. In order to do this, he learned to firewalk and began to incorporate it into his seminars. Tony used books and TV infomercials to promote his services and within 8 or 9 years, it was estimated that 100 million Americans had viewed his short television presentations. Cleverly, Tony has dabbled quite a lot in philanthropy and in 1991, he founded the Anthony Robbins Foundation which is a charity designed to help empower both individuals and organisations. The reason I see this as a shrewd move is that people are far more likely to trust someone who donates to charity and helps people who need it than a tight businessman who just shows off his assets.

Do I think Tony Robbins is a scam?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that Tony Robbins shouldn’t be trusted, I just think he is an extremely clever businessman. The seminars he hosts are essentially just a large scale sales pitch. I have heard of the same thing being done by such motivational speakers as British entrepreneur, Greg Secker. At an event in 2014 in London’s ExCel, Secker stated to a 3000 strong crowd that he was going to demonstrate how to make 100 grand in 2 hours before playing a video and explaining that he was able to change people’s lives with his system. The clever part became apparent when, after winning over the entire crowd, he announced that his £13,000 training course was on offer for that day only at £2000 for the first 50 customers. At this point, people were literally shoving each other out of the way in order to sign up. Not only did Greg make £100,000, as he promised he would, he gained 50 new affiliates so resell his training courses!

The fact that Tony Robbins will always be able to sell seminar tickets and publications is no secret, he guy is arguably one of the best sales people in the world. There has been massive controversy surrounding what Robbins does but let’s face it, he’s selling a product which people are happy to pay for. In my opinion, the fact that he uses people’s desperate situations to his advantage is a little bit wrong morally but he is just a very good salesman and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

Tony Robbins in Summary

Tony Robbins Book

With three best-selling books (Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within and Money: Master the Game) to his name, I’m just happy that Tony Robbins is actually selling a product. There are bandits out there who will pitch ideas or systems on the internet before taking your money, never to be heard from again. I would say that Tony’s books and seminars are just another way for him to collect a pay check but there really is no denying it, his money making strategies obviously work… Just look at him!

Person Summary

Tony Robbins

Name: Tony Robbins

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Anthony Robbins Foundation


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