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Greg Secker Scam

Greg Secker Scam Review

September 27, 2016
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Greg Secker BookBritish entrepreneur, philanthropist and master trader, Greg Secker was a multi millionaire before he was 30. Now, whether you dream of being filthy rich or not, if you’re anything like me, you just want to know how it’s done. How does someone become a millionaire? I decided to read up about Greg Secker, along with other entrepreneurs to find out how they got started. The first thing you should know about Greg Secker is that he is a very clever sales person. Ok, he started his career as an IT consultant for a few foreign exchange companies but his real fortunes were made when he decided to go it alone. In 2003, Greg left Pittsburgh based money management firm, Mellon Financial after realising the value of the algorithms he was creating in software engineering. Secker’s next move was to create Knowledge to Action, his own Forex Trading firm. Knowledge to Action is the parent company of multiple award-winning trader coaching company, and seminar organisation company, Global Success Summits, amongst others.

Why is Greg Secker so rich?

Greg Secker SeminarBack in 2014, some colleagues of mine bought tickets to go to a seminar at London’s ExCel which was hosted by the Wolf of Wall Street himself, Jordan Belfort. Also on the bill at this seminar was Greg Secker. When Secker took to the stage, he opened his presentation with the claim that he was going to show the 3000 strong crowd how to make £100,000 in 2 hours. He then played a video explaining a little bit about how to make money and gave a brief overview of his money making strategy. The clever part came when he announced that his training course, which usually sold at £13,000, was available for that day only to the first 50 people to sign up at the reduced price of £2000. Additionally, each of these people would be able to resell his training course and earn a hefty commission. Astoundingly, people in the audience were literally climbing over each other to get signed up. So not only did Greg make £100,000 as he promised, he also gained 50 affiliates who would be pushing his product for free!

I’m not saying that Greg Secker is a scam. Some of what he does is possibly morally wrong in that he’s selling a money making strategy in order to make money. Not only is he making money, he’s making a lot of it. At the end of the day, Greg Secker has made a fortune for himself out of being a motivational speaker.

My Summary on Greg Secker

In short, Greg Secker is a genius. Granted, he would probably never have been able to sell tickets to his seminar had he not been successful in the first place. You could also say that his success came from his own ideas so that can’t really be taken away from him. I think, like many other motivational speakers, what makes him so successful is his ability to sell. That doesn’t make him a scam as such, but you should really think about why you feel persuaded to part with money for his products or services. The chances are, you’ve just been pitched that very product or service by one of the best sales people in the world!

Person Summary

Greg Secker

Name: Greg Secker

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Knowledge to Action


I have been scammed online. I’m not afraid to say it because it’s true. A few years ago, I heard about a method of online trading called binary options. After various failed attempts at becoming good enough to make myself some extra cash, I decided to take on a training course... Read More...

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