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Straight Line Persuasion

Straight Line Persuasion by Jordan Belfort Scam Review

October 12, 2016
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Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion Course is another one of those money making products we have been looking at recently. There is a slight difference to this one, however, as Mr Belfort isn’t pretending to offer you a “business in a box” solution to your financial problems. Straight Line Persuasion is about YOU becoming a better salesperson and we all know that Jordan Belfort is considered one of the best salespeople in the world. Here’s the thing, though: both Jordan himself and his Straight Line Persuasion course have been accused of being a scam. Let’s face it, Jordan Belfort is not known for being particularly honest with his customers. If you aren’t familiar with his name, Belfort is a former stockbroker and founder of Stratton Oakmont brokerage house. Stratton Oakmont functioned as a boiler room which marketed small, relatively worthless companies to persuade investors to buy shares. This action inflated the price of the companies’ shares before Stratton Oakmont “dump” sold their shares, causing the price to fall and the investors to lose out.

Is Jordan Belfort a Scam Artist?

Jordan Belfort Straight Line PersuasionIf you look into past endeavours of Jordan Belfort, there is absolutely no question that he has scammed a very large number of people. His drug-fuelled stockbroker days are part of a story well told in the form of the biographical movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. He was, however, sentenced to 4 years in prison, serving 22 months of this sentence before being released. Aside from this, Belfort was ordered to pay back $110.4 million that he stole from stock buyers. It’s for these reasons that I would like to look past this and assume that he is sorry and has learned his lesson. Everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves, right?

These days, apart from selling his Straight Line Persuasion course, Jordan hosts seminar events where he coaches eager clients. Amazingly, the people who clearly know what Jordan Belfort is good at are also arguably the most likely to make him that little bit richer. Not only do these people pay a minimum of £50 to get in to these seminars, Belfort regularly pitches upsells during the event, where he will offer a certain product or service at a temporarily reduced price. Needless to say, he always sells out of these deals. So in a venue with a capacity of just over 3,600, such as the Eventim Apollo in London, he’s taking a minimum of £180,000, minus staff and the use of the hall. On top of that, he probably leaves with a hundred extra customers, each of which are reselling his products. I’m not sure whether that means Jordan Belfort is a scam or just a very clever businessman.

Is Straight Line Persuasion a Scam?

straight-line-persuasion-courseThis question is a little bit more difficult to answer. I think that the skills of someone as proficient in their trade as Jordan Belfort are definitely very valuable but $2000 for a set of DVDs? Without a doubt, the 2013 Martin Scorsese film about Jordan’s life has massively helped to sell this course. Before the movie’s release, many people, myself included, didn’t know the name Jordan Belfort. The fact that he’s now a household name will make him all the more successful and he knows this. In my opinion, the information included in Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Persuasion is probably worth $2000 but only to somebody with the confidence to put it into action. If you’re a relatively introverted person who dreams of being the next great salesperson, the course probably isn’t for you.

My Summary of Straight Line Persuasion

In summary, I think that Straight Line Persuasion is a course which has had it potential value increased massively, thanks to the Wolf of Wall Street film. The information could, in theory, make you a better salesperson but the bottom line is that every person who purchases the course is just making Jordan Belfort that little bit richer.

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Straight Line Persuasion

I have been scammed online. I’m not afraid to say it because it’s true. A few years ago, I heard about a method of online trading called binary options. After various failed attempts at becoming good enough to make myself some extra cash, I decided to take on a training course... Read More...

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