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Automated Income Stream by Chris Cobb – Scam Review

October 11, 2016

Chris Cobb and his Automated Income Stream were brought to my attention at the end of last week so my job now is to determine whether or not it is a scam. Chris Cobb Automated Income StreamI have to be honest from the very beginning that first impressions are not good. The AIS website looks as if it was designed by a child and the header photo of Chris Cobb standing with his collection of cars is a good example of what to avoid. The thing with these online marketing scams is that they try to lure you in by showing you the nice things that they have and they then tell you that you can have the same life that they have. The most amazing thing is that people like Chris Cobb make a lot of money marketing their schemes like this. You have to understand that millionaires don’t make their fortunes by providing their ideas and strategies to other people. In fact, they tend to keep them a closely guarded secret, after all, a millionaire essentially is somebody who has figured out a way to take more than their fair share of the world’s currency.

What Is It About Chris Cobb’s AIS That’s So Scammy?

There are multiple scam tactics on the Automated Income Stream homepage, many of which can be seen in a variety of different industries. The fact that we’re being promised access to a trial version if the system and that it’s “for today only” is the first tell tale sign. I looked into this system yesterday and funnily enough, the website said exactly the same thing then. So we have established that this offer is not for one day only at all which, in my opinion, makes it hard to trust any claims made by the author of the web page. When we get past the pushy headings, Chris Cobb introduces himself and claims that he really does make the sums of money shown at the top of the page. These sums are between £125,000 and £270,000 PER MONTH! I’ve always wondered why these website owners don’t make their fake incomes a little bit more believable. I suppose a monthly income of 4 or 5 grand isn’t cool, a quarter of a million in a month is cool.

So How Is Chris Cobb Making His Money?

chris-cobb-holidayThere’s no reason really why Chris Cobb couldn’t be making the insane sums he’s claiming but I very much doubt that he is doing it thanks to his money making system. My bet is that he’s making his extremely healthy income purely off the back of selling his money making system. There is a big difference between these two things and it allows him to carefully word his website so that he isn’t lying. For example, the second quote in the headers of the web page says “I now bank between £124,104.90 – £268,538.05+ each and every month from my new Automated Income System”. Nowhere in that sentence does it say that the use of his system is making those sums of money. Essentially, you (the customer) parting with money in exchange for the system is how he’s making this money.

Automated Income Stream by Chris Cobb in a Nutshell

I’m not sure it’s fair to say that Chris Cobb is a scam, he’s just found a loophole on the internet which has allowed him to become very wealthy. Granted, there should be some debate about the morals behind the way it’s done. He’s essentially preying on gullible and desperate people and giving them false hope. I certainly don’t recommend parting with any cash for the AIS system. In fact, I’d go as far to say that Automated Income Stream is a scam despite the fact that I think Chris Cobb is just a shrewd businessman.

So, I’ve still not managed to find a system online which I believe to be genuine. Please make sure that you keep yourselves safe from being robbed by always being sceptical. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious.

Review Summary

Automated Income Stream

I have been scammed online. I’m not afraid to say it because it’s true. A few years ago, I heard about a method of online trading called binary options. After various failed attempts at becoming good enough to make myself some extra cash, I decided to take on a training course... Read More...

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