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OptionBot 3.0 Review

OptionBot 3.0 Review – Is Option Bot 3 a Scam?

October 13, 2016
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Is Optionbot 3.0 better than its predecessors? That’s the question that’s on everyone’s mind within the binary options industry at the moment. While I do want to use this website to expose scams, I feel like I should comment on this release, having worked in binary options for a number of years. Optionbot 3.0 is a binary options application whose launch has the entire industry on its feet. This is partially due to the fact that earlier incarnations of the popular trend indicator have been not only successful with regards to consistently profiting for its users, but revolutionary and key to shaping the online trading world as we know it.

The History of OptionBot 3.0

The original Optionbot was launched in 2012 when there was no such thing as third party binary options software. The trend indicator was important because it allowed first time traders with zero experience to start making extra money almost instantly. The idea was to teach traders how to recognise trends within the financial markets and to minimise risk of loss, all in one application. Optionbot quickly became popular and soon, OptionBot 2.0 took its place. The first major step forward with version 2 was that it was entirely web based, meaning the user didn’t have to install any software onto their PC. OptionBot 2.0 catapulted the popularity of the trend indicator and it became arguably the longest standing app in binary options to date.

OptionBot 3.0 ScamThen came the popularity of the auto trader. Around the time of the release of The Wolf of Wall Street movie, people’s Facebook feeds became inundated with ads which promised to teach you how to be “the next Wolf of Wall Street”. Many people fell for these marketing tricks having seen the movie and wondered about the possibility of making such large sums so quickly. Of course, nearly all of these automated trading applications turned out to be scams and many traders turned to Keith Wareing, the CEO of OptionBot’s parent company for help. OptionBot 2.0 gained even more inexperienced traders who were eager to learn, so Keith started designing the next step in trend indicator technology. There are still people falling for these “set and forget” systems to this day, which is what makes Keith’s latest project so valuable.

Introducing OptionBot 3.0 – The Revolution

optionbot-3-strategyOptionBot 3.0 includes all of the features associated with its predecessor and adds a whole host of updates. Particular favourites of mine are Sniper Trades and Instant Trading. Sniper trades are achieved by the software scanning for “resistance and support” trades. This is where an asset’s value is bouncing between two points for a short time, thus creating short term trade opportunities until the value finally breaks free of the pattern. If you can profit more than twice during this time, you are almost certain to come out on top overall. If you are familiar with binary options trading, you would be forgiven for realising that often, when you place a trade with a broker, you are required to click “approve” before accepting another pop up box. This can take care of between 3 and 5 seconds, in which time your chosen asset’s value may have moved. This is something which has led me to ignore short term trading altogether in the past.

Enter Instant Trading! OptionBot, as I said before, has been innovative and a total game changer in all its incarnations and OptionBot 3.0 is no different. This new trend indicator has DIRECT access to the broker’s API which completely bypasses the aforementioned delay. Ok, this means that you are limited to using the brokers carefully selected by the OptionBot 3 developers but the fact that the brokers have allowed this access should tell you that they have your best interests at heart. In short, they want you to profit!

Why OptionBot 3.0?

OptionBot 3.0 Keith WareingIf the features mentioned above aren’t enough to give you an indication of the potential this software has, Keith Wareing made a video yesterday explaining that this is his parting gift to the industry. Mr Wareing has been quite open about the fact that he is stepping down from the company and closing his office. In his latest video, he explains that the company which now owns the rights to OptionBot is taking this app to the next level. Keith has worked closely to seamlessly merge the latest version of his show stopping application with the brokers directly and what he’s created is truly astounding.

My Summary on OptionBot 3.0

I created this website to warn you of any scams I find, not to push you in the direction of bad software. I don’t expect even 1% of the readers of this review to try the software but if you want to, you can find the home page using the link below. OptionBot 3 offers a demo so that you can try it before depositing any of your hard earned cash. It’s entirely your choice, I’m not going to push you into anything here but for once, this is an application I recommend… Well done OptionBot!


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