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Gemini 2 Scam Review

October 6, 2016
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Gemini 2 is the first binary options software I have decided to review since my return to blogging. My old binary options channel was a place where I quite openly used to say that MOST auto traders are total scams so let’s see if Gemini 2 is any different. In the months since I left the industry, let me tell you that on the face of it, not much has changed. gemini-2-logoOne of the first things to strike me and also bring back memories is the fact that some kind of geo locating code has been used to display what country you are in. This is a tactic to make the visitor feel that the product is unique to their country, which clearly isn’t the case. The logo looks ok but could quite easily be stolen from elsewhere on the internet.

The Sales Video of Gemini 2

gemini-2-ceoInstantly, when we open the web page, the video shows a man driving a Lamborghini. Don’t be fooled into thinking that using this software will earn you enough money to buy one though, a binary options auto trader, at best, will boost the wage you earn at your full-time job. Once the narrator of the video starts talking, my scepticism starts to bloom! We are told that “He was one of Google’s top engineers working from their head office in Silicon Valley. But 2 years ago, Brandon Lewis made a discovery.” and that he was able to retire a multimillionaire at 28 years old. We are then handed over to Brandon himself, who introduces himself as CEO of Gemini Holdings. Now, you might be thinking the same as me… If he is retired, how is he the CEO of a company worth millions of Dollars? Something just isn’t adding up here!

Is Gemini 2 a Scam?

Probably… The simple fact is that any binary options software which claims to make you nearly $12,500 per day is exaggerating their success rate. Aside from the fact that the markets are volatile and a number of losing days are inevitable, this is an auto trader. No machine can predict the outcomes of every market event whilst knowing the decisions that the huge corporations are going to make, effectively altering their share prices.

To hammer these points home, I clicked the “Terms” link at the bottom and was taken to a very interesting page of text. To make a long story short, the Gemini 2 terms and conditions make sure that if you lose money, the owners of the website are not liable in any way. In short, you use the website at your own risk. Even the brokers recommended by Gemini 2 are apparently not endorsed by the company.

Gemini 2: Should I Trust It?

I wouldn’t deposit your money with Gemini 2, let alone my own. I have seen enough evidence in the first 30 seconds of the intro video alone to conclude that it wouldn’t be a good idea. To top it all off, the “Affiliates” link in the footer of the page suggests that anybody positively reviewing this product are doing so just so that they can earn a quick commission. You’re welcome to have a look at the software so that you can see what to avoid for now if you’re that way inclined. I haven’t found anything yet which I believe to be good enough to recommend so I would urge you to hang on to your money for now!

Review Summary

Gemini 2

I have been scammed online. I’m not afraid to say it because it’s true. A few years ago, I heard about a method of online trading called binary options. After various failed attempts at becoming good enough to make myself some extra cash, I decided to take on a training course... Read More...

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